Someone made a synthesizer that runs on human bloodBLOODSYNTH

Someone made a synthesizer that runs on human blood

Russian artist Dmitry Morozov, better known by his alias ::vtol::, has debuted a synthesizer with an unusual power source:  his own blood. Entitled ‘Until I Die,’ the project has been on display in Ljubljana, Slovenia’s Kapelica art gallery since December 2016.

Powered by 4.5 liters of blood, which took Morozov a year and a half to collect safely, the electrolytes within the blood are exposed to aluminum and copper within the battery which produces the electricity need to run the algorithmic synth module. While terrifying enough in conception, Morozov’s installation doubles-down on its uncomfortableness by creating an aesthetic which would not be out of place in a number of Dracula adaptations.

A video explaining the process of creating ‘Until I Die’ is available to view above.

Photo Credit: ::vtol::/Vimeo


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