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Watch Armin van Buuren visit Junkie XL’s studio

Dance music producers and film composers have more in common than you might think. Both devise ideas on Digital Audio Workstations like Ableton and Pro Tools, employ a range of synthesizers (both digital and analog) in their work, and craft music with the intention of it being delivered via larger-than-life production. It thus comes as no surprise that trance veteran Armin van Buuren and renowned film composer Junkie XL (Mad Max, Dead Pool) are friends — it also doesn’t hurt that they’re both Dutch.

Armin van Buuren recently visited Junkie XL’s studio in Los Angeles, and the results were quite awesome. The two bonded over Junkie XL’s massive gear collection, and shared anecdotes and insights into their respective careers. It’s an altogether fascinating conversation for fans of either artist, and can be viewed in its entirety above.

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