Watch Justice debut their ‘Woman’ live showJUSTICE 002070 048 1

Watch Justice debut their ‘Woman’ live show

Justice are perhaps as renowned for their fabled live shows as they are for the masterful blend of electro, disco, and rock which pervades their refined catalogue. Defined visually by stark, minimal beams of light, Marshall amplifier-stylized LED structures, and the Cross, Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay’s live aesthetic has become something of a legend in the dance music realm.

Justice provided a number of DJ sets following the release of WOMAN in November of last year. The duo’s March 19 performance at Mexico’s Vive Latino, however, marked their first live show since their third album. The video below shows Justice performing “ALAKAZAM!” with their new live rig.

In the updated performance, Marshalls and white pillars of light are firmly in place as Gaspard and Xavier stand in profile across from each other, working their machinations. The famed Cross is notably absent from what we can see in the video, but a series of mobile LED arcs have also been added into the fold for the showcase. These, of course, could potentially be configured into such a formation at a different point during the show; American audiences will have to wait to find out at the duo’s Ultra Music Festival performance this coming weekend.

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