ZHU releases chilling new single ‘Nightcrawler’ in fullZhu Blacklist

ZHU releases chilling new single ‘Nightcrawler’ in full

Since the Zhu‘s mysterious emergence, the project has evenly straddled the line between sonics and visuals. Half of the Zhu aesthetic relies on the cooling, dark house grooves, the other half being the mystifying, symbolism-packed visual component. From announcement through release, Zhu projects commonly tie in bold visual elements, his latest, “Nightcrawler” being no different. Last week, Zhu seemingly took aim at some of dance music’s elite in an eerie noir short. Leather-clad pallbearers creep beneath a silhouette backdrop of LA’s palm trees, set to the tune of Zhu’s latest offering.

Zhu lays down a cooling downtempo house composition on “Nightcrawler” nailed to a plucking bassline throughout. Dramatic keystrokes carry the tune’s chilling melody, polished by grainy radio crackle for the cinematic effect and a crisp, whispering vocal hook. “Nightcrawler” is quintessential Zhu. It’s dark, sexy, and mysterious, simultaneously invoking a distinct 1930’s Hollywood feel but with a 3am warehouse dance floor vibe.

ZHU also launched a new website — www.blacklizt.club — but we’re not sure if this is to launch new music or announce an upcoming club tour.


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