Watch Dada Life tease new music and ‘Endless Smile’ plugin in exclusive new videoDada Life 2016

Watch Dada Life tease new music and ‘Endless Smile’ plugin in exclusive new video

A clip has surfaced of Dada Life‘s upcoming Endless Smile plugin, which is rumored to be coming out soon. The plugin will be a followup to the duo’s Sausage Fattener, which has been a highly functional gain plugin for year. In a recent interview with Dancing Astronaut, Olle Cornéer revealed a few details on the forthcoming plugin.

“In essence it’s a buildup plugin,” he said. “You just put it [into a DAW]…and you can automate the whole buildup, the whole tension-making.”

A teaser clip of the duo’s new track, “Fight For Your Right,” is also featured in the clip below. The song is an updated take on the Beastie Boys’ seminal 1986 track of the same name, though Dada Life’s version certainly features more endless smiling.

The track preview comes ahead of a spate of shows from the duo, who are likely to play this along with a handful of new tunes they already have in the bag including a date this Saturday at Washington DC’s Echostage. Fans who are eager to catch to duo’s latest heat can enter to win a meet & greet and a bar tab at the event here.

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