Cosmo’s Midnight – History (Instupendo Remix)Instupendo History

Cosmo’s Midnight – History (Instupendo Remix)

Philadelphia-based producer Instupendo has had our attention for over a year now. Arriving on the scene with a unique sound and vibe seemingly fully-formed, the anticipation for the release of his debut EP Friend of a Friend is very high. Fans expected to wait until the EP’s May 5 release date for more of Instupendo’s work; however, the surprise release of a remix of Cosmo’s Midnight‘s latest “History” should provide the perfect bridge until the Friend of a Friend drops.

The debut of Instupendo’s take on “History” also marks an exciting new avenue for the producer. Until now, he has been focused on creating the wistful, dreamy originals that has won him fans over. Indeed, Instupendo didn’t shy away at all from radically reworking Cosmo’s Midnight’s original. Where their original had a futuristic, upbeat affectation, Instupendo leans way back into a melancholy vibe, resplendent with his lackadaisical tempo and hazy synths. The mark of a good remix is to remain faithful to the original while creating something (almost) entirely new — no easy feat. For his first go at the reproduction game, Instupendo has squarely hit that ambitious mark.

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