DJ Snake bares all while trudging through spicy wings in ‘Hot Ones’ interview [Video]Snake

DJ Snake bares all while trudging through spicy wings in ‘Hot Ones’ interview [Video]

DJ Snake, French frontman and internationally present producer, is heating things up in an interview with Sean Evans on the Hot Ones YouTube series. Sunglasses were more than necessary for the heat in this interview where Snake sat down and answered a series of interview questions, each accompanied by a hot wing. As the interview progressed, so did the absurd intensity of the hot sauce.

Evans touches briefly on DJ Snake’s most recognizable tunes, and how they came about. Snake revealed his hit “Turn Down For What” was unexpected, taking more than a year to make. “Let Me Love You,” was featureless until Justin Bieber heard the hook and wanted in on the project. Twisting the tone, Snake notes that he has a soccer ball on him at all times and enjoys the sport quite a bit, but hates basketball, mentioning, “I’m so bad at basketball…all the American people shitting on me.”

As is always the case with the program, the questions get hotter and the wings get spicier. We find out the French producer’s take on DJ names, and that he isn’t exactly fond of his own. Apparently, “DJ Snake” comes from earlier in his life when he was known around the city as a graffiti artist. Evans prompts Snake on other DJs’ monikers, learning that he thinks Diplo is an awful name, too.

The artist revealed that out of his international travels, Brazil is the most underrated party city. He said the vibes are real, most people don’t have cell phones so there isn’t the constant sight of a face lit up by a screen in the crowd. Tagging onto that, Snake said when DJs drop particularly hot tracks, gunshots go off – real ones – in praise of the good music.

Throughout the entire interview, DJ Snake is repeatedly saying “dude, fuck this,” while shaking his head in what we would assume is defeat by hot wings. The interviewer, Sean Evans, exclaims, “We don’t want to kill you, DJ Snake,” as the producer takes his jacket off and paces back and forth, red in the face. The insanity resumes and the final questions reveal that Snake is no quitter as he conquers the increasing heat. Pushing through, Snake answers the last series of questions regarding guest appearances. One of the most noteworthy was when DJ Snake brought out DMX at Coachella in 2015. He explains he needed to bring an OG out, someone he considered himself a fan of, and that no one better suited this paradigm than DMX.

Holding his Vegas residency allows DJ Snake to work and play. Dripping in sweat, Snake said he constantly is bringing his friends out to Vegas to experience life in the eyes, or behind the sunglasses per-say, of him. Mentioning that friends of his call when they get out of jail in Paris, or wherever, and want him to bring them out for a night full of women, drinks, and mischievous in Vegas, which he is more than happy to do.

On the seriousness of the hot sauce, the embattled artist noted his humanity, remarking “I’m crying, behind these glasses, there is a human being.”

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