Discogs goes public with Gearogs, its music hardware marketplaceGearogs

Discogs goes public with Gearogs, its music hardware marketplace

Discogs has brought “Gearogs” to the public – a music hardware marketplace for buying and selling a variety of gear from turntables, speakers, and mixers, to synthesizers, effects pedals and more.

Last month, CEO Kevin Lewandowski announced the opening of the new website in an interview with Discogs, disclosing that the website would be available for anyone to use, and moreover, that the site will have an inventory with “every other piece of audio gear conceived.” Lewandowski continued to say, “Any equipment that records, amplifies, mixes, or reproduces audio, belongs here.”

In a press release, Discogs revealed, “Gearogs’ marketplace will continue to evolve through the community’s voice, building from the foundation through community requests.” The site will match the collective needs of the users.

“We’re just getting started. With your help, the marketplace you see today will quickly become the number one place to buy and sell gear from the ever-expanding catalogue of 11,000+ items currently in the database.”

The site caters to new as well as seasoned musicians who are looking to buy and sell equipment, as users are able to search products based on function, form factor, the origin of the model, and the brand. Yamaha, Korg, Pioneer, Klipsch, and Technics are among these makers, and are available internationally. There is also an open forum on the site for visitors to communicate about products. With a user-friendly website that easy to navigate, the hot spot to buy and sell music hardware, is on Gearogs’ public marketplace.


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