Gorillaz announce 10-episode TV seriesGorillazz

Gorillaz announce 10-episode TV series

After a hiatus of what felt like an eternity, the Gorillaz are back with a strong message to send. The virtual group has been collaborating on multiple projects, including a new album, artwork, merchandise, and visuals. The flurry of Gorillaz-related activity was not a given, however, as prior to the revitalization, animator Jamie Hewlett and, the man behind the music, Damon Albarn were on rocky terms.

Jamie Hewlett, the man behind the visual experience and being of the Gorillaz, has been working on a new project that is bound to impress. A new television series about the band is underway, and Hewlett is behind the animation of it all. The series itself will feature 10 episodes. A full spread will be available in Q Magazine on April 11.

Damon Albarn has revealed there are still 40-45 tracks recorded but unreleased under the Gorillaz name. He later discussed that he has been sifting through the archives and seeing what didn’t work in the past, finishing it, and making it something new. The group’s new album, Humanz, is slated for a release later in the month.

Since their return, the Gorillaz have truly diversified their offerings, don’t you think? They’re a multi-faceted machine and we’re thrilled to see what the band has in store for the upcoming months.

Via: Q Magazine, Consequence of Sound

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