Koronis mystifies with concept album, ‘Circuits’Koronis Circuits SIde A Cover

Koronis mystifies with concept album, ‘Circuits’

Jesse Woolston, or Koronis, has a vested interest in the intersection of technology and forward-thinking electronic music. Such became evident on his debut LP, The Replicant, from 2015, and is doubly obvious on his newest work, Circuits.

Circuits is a concept album consisting of five mind-bending tracks which explore the idea of circuitry and its relation to music — all told through the guise of delicate neo-classical compositions. It’s a bit of a departure from Woolston’s past work, presenting tracks that opt for heaviness through subtlety rather than overtly energetic sound design. The LP consequently marks a stirring evolution to the Koronis sound, showcasing an artist deftly in touch with the tools at his disposal and with a clear vision of what he wants to achieve.

Where Circuits succeeds best is in its ability to transport the listener into a different world. With its careful attention to psychoacoustics, the album bears a certain kind of intimacy that draws one deeper into its compositions. Lost in its textures and slowly morphing progressions, time slips away almost effortlessly. Ultimately, it’s the kind of album which could quite easily serve as an accompaniment to any number of films.

Perhaps most interesting of all, Koronis has devised the album in a way that any of the tracks (outside of the intermission) may be layered on top of each other to create new compositions. It’s a truly riveting concept, and a testament to the artistic boldness of Woolston and his evolving Koronis endeavors.

Circuits is available to stream and purchase here.

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