Premiere: Life Of Dillon’s ‘Sex For Breakfast,’ remixed and visualizedLOD SFB IG

Premiere: Life Of Dillon’s ‘Sex For Breakfast,’ remixed and visualized

Life Of Dillon landed on our radar just two years ago with their breakthrough single, “Overload,” portraying what a future dance-pop / nu-folk live band can offer. With their recent single “Sex For Breakfast,” LOD deliver a feel-good ballad that strikes with rich strings and compelling lyricism.

Bringing forth new versions of the record, Life Of Dillon commission a special remix from Somi Jones, the band’s former member then known as Robert. In calling on Somi Jones to participate in “Sex For Breakfast,” Life Of Dillon summon the unequivocal chemistry of the former trio — and with that, comes its visualization, an up-close and personal music video.

“This is the first piece we have collaborated on with our brother and ex member, Robert aka Somi Jones. We love this remix and the afrobeats vibe he brought to it.” – LOD

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