Listen to Incubus’ new album, co-produced by SkrillexSkrille Incubus

Listen to Incubus’ new album, co-produced by Skrillex

Craving some new Skrillex? We have some for you… but it may not be what you’re expecting. Rock band Incubus recently enlisted the producer’s input on all 11 tracks on their new album 8, released today. Skrillex was initially brought in to help mix and produce one track, “Familiar Faces.” There was great chemistry, and a one song collaboration turned into Skrillex and Incubus working together every day for two straight weeks in the studio during a rare period of downtime for electronic superstar. Skrillex produced and mixed the album in the later stages of its creation, so you won’t hear any of his signature electronic influence. The album is unlike anything we have heard with Skrillex’s influence in recent years, but this is far from the producers first time in the Rock world.

Of course, this is far from Skrillex’s first foray into the rock world; before he started producing electronic music, Sonny Moore was the vocalist for the recently-revived band From First to Last before making a brief foray into a solo career. Still, as the producer has gone from dubstep maestro to one of the most in-demand producers in all of music, his work with Incubus could be the beginning of a new venture. Perhaps Moore will begin producing full albums for a variety of bands. With success after success, and somehow managing a monstrous schedule for his own career, we wouldn’t bet against Skrillex proving he has yet another trick up his sleeve.

8 was released on Island Records and you can hear the full album below.

H/T: Rolling Stone

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