Marshmello & Slushii’s “Twinbow” awarded Pulitzer prize for musicMarshmello Slushii

Marshmello & Slushii’s “Twinbow” awarded Pulitzer prize for music

When Marshmello and Slushii’s “Twinbow” was released less than a month ago, the electronic dance music world reeled at the sheer magnificence of what the two young producers had managed to create. Not since Darude’s “Sandstorm” had a piece of electronic music arrived with such a paradigm-shifting impact. Around the world, 13 year old Radio Disney listeners lauded the future bass creation for its elaborate sound design and deeply thoughtful lyrics. Buzzfeed called it “the most important piece of electronic music in the EDM age.” Forbes noted that the production was “so substantial, so impactful, that the duo single handedly returned artistry to EDM.” Two weeks later, “Twinbow” has gained the attention of the Pulitzer committee, who immediately fast tracked the song’s consideration and approval in near record time.

Legendary late composer, Duke Ellington, who famously said that “Most Americans still take it for granted that European-based music—classical music, if you will—is the only really respectable kind,” rolled over in his grave to apologize to Slushii and Marshmello for being “a pretentious snob.”

“Twinbow” joins John Adams – ‘On the Transmigration of Souls’ and Steve Reich’s ‘Double Sextet’ on the highly laudable list that includes some of the world’s greatest composers.

Happy April Fools’ Day, from your friends at Dancing Astronaut.

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