Mindsight x LIOHN – Adventure (Original Mix)Adventure

Mindsight x LIOHN – Adventure (Original Mix)

It’s been hard to get an exact read on Swedish newcomer and Ingrosso collaborator LIOHN, but his assorted releases to date have continued to turn heads for all right reasons. Teaming up with German producer Mindsight amid the release of his debut EP, May She Prosper, “Adventure” marks a standout moment among its more predictable vocal moments.

The duo of European prospects approach the track with cinematic swagger, giving us the equivalent of a future bass/trap act taking a shot at scoring an EDM savvy soundtrack to a Godzilla flick filmed somewhere in the Middle East. There’s enough beat work and blistering energy to keep multiple sides of the table happy here, pointing to a slow and steady sense of maturity from two talents that dance music fans should be keeping a firm eye on for the remainder of 2017.

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