ODESZA has new music coming in the near future

ODESZA teased fans on Spotify, creating an empty playlist with a title that consisted of dots, underscores, and dashes. To the naked eye, most would scroll past thinking nothing of the blank playlist, which is the first mistake. Looking further into things, it has been discovered that the collection of symbols has meaning behind it.

The playlist title reads, “. . . . _ / . . _ _ _ . . . . .” leaving many fans wondering “What does that even mean?” Luckily, we’ve decoded the message for you. The title is morse code for 4.25, and that can only mean new music coming from Odesza on April 25. The group has teased over Twitter that they’ve been busy in the studio working on new music for over a year now, it makes sense that prior to their summer festival run that they’d put out some fresh tunes.



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