PrototypeRaptor – Still Waiting (Original Mix)Prototyperaptor Still Waiting

PrototypeRaptor – Still Waiting (Original Mix)

Inspired by the likes of Wolfgang Gartner and OVERWERK, American producer PrototypeRaptor blends classical melodic and harmonic elements with the high energy of electro house. His latest track, “Still Waiting,” released on Tasty, is a stellar example of this style, with soaring chord progressions, textured atmospheres, and a heavy, driving main rhythm.

Although many influential electro house artists changed their sound once they reached a certain level – and indeed part of what makes art great is the ever-evolving nature of it – releases such as “Still Waiting” and another recent one, “Cryptozoology” by Foxhunt, show that Tasty is dedicated to keeping the spirit of electro alive.

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