Are Radiohead planning something big for ‘Ok Computer’ 20th anniversary?Radiohead

Are Radiohead planning something big for ‘Ok Computer’ 20th anniversary?

Some rather curious posters have emerged recently in major global cities from Berlin to London, and Amsterdam to Brooklyn. Fans of Radiohead firmly stand by their belief that the posters, with all their grassroots appeal, point to the band’s 1997 album ‘OK COMPUTER,  which celebrates it’s 20th anniversary this year. One Reddit user concluded that the poster “is pretty obviously tied to the album’s themes” since the dates 1997-2017 are displayed at the bottom.

After all, the posters do feature an identical font to the one Stanley Donwood used on the album’s original artwork and graphics.


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The album represents a turning point in Radiohead’s early career, climbing to the top of the UK Albums Chart in 1998, and earning the Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album in that same year. If these mysterious posters do indeed hint to an OK COMPUTER reunion, expect some kind of announcement from Radiohead on or just before May 21, 2017, which marks 20 years from the album’s original release date.

View the Instagram photos of the cryptic posters below.

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