S U R V I V E to rerelease their debut album on vinylRs Survive

S U R V I V E to rerelease their debut album on vinyl

S U R V I V E, the musical masterminds behind Netflix’s hit original sci-fi series Stranger Things’ musical identity, have reissued their debut album on vinyl. The album, HD015 (named after its serial number) was initially released in 2012. The resurrected version features updated cover visuals, while the musical content remains true to the original. With a new direction being explored for the series’ second season — and newfound fame to be capitalize on — it’s no surprise the group has looked back on their catalogue for rerelease.

The album is out on April 21 via Holodeck.


  1. ‘Deserted Skies’
  2. ‘Floating Cube’
  3. ‘To Light Alone I Bow’
  4. ‘Hourglass’
  5. ‘Omniverse’
  6. ‘Black Mollies’
  7. ‘Scalar Wave’
  8. ‘Shunting Yard’
  9. ‘Dirge’


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