Schlachthofbronx – Don (Original & Barclay Crenshaw Remix)DonArtWork

Schlachthofbronx – Don (Original & Barclay Crenshaw Remix)

Munich duo Schlachthofbronx released an idiosyncratic new single “Don” with an attention-grabbing cosign, Barclay Crenshaw, Claude VonStroke‘s real-named hip hop alter ego, provided an accompanying remix. The original opens mildly, featuring buzzing synths ensconced in reverb while accompanied with electronic blips and vocal chops. These are soon joined by repetitive drum hits as the tension builds. After toying with the listener for what seems like an eternity, Schlachthofbronx get down to business with a frenetic, up-tempo beat that is insidiously infectious.

Crenshaw’s reproduction eschews the meandering buildup, opting instead to get right down to business. His remix is heavily indebted to Chicago footwork, though with the peculiar, mysterious affectation that has come to define the Barclay Crenshaw persona.

Neither the original “Don” or the remix would be what anyone considers to be mainstream affairs. However, they are cleverly produced tracks that are impossibly to deny on the dance floor. Both are available to stream below:

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