Skrillex and Kendrick Lamar may be collaborating for new ‘Justice League’ movie

On November 17, Justice League makes its debut in theaters. While we certainly can’t wait to see the Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman trio at work, our curiosity about this film has also been piqued due to a collaboration that was leaked on Reddit and IMDB this past weekend. One of our editors stumbled across a Reddit thread detailing a potential Skrillex and Kendrick Lamar collaboration for the movie’s soundtrack. The thread linked the reader back to the movie’s IMDB page, which had the collaboration listed for a few hours before being removed. The track is rumored to be titled “Resurrection,” and we were able to obtain a screenshot of the IMDB credits before it was removed.


Resurrection Kendrick Skrillex


While there is no confirmation that this leak is true, we will certainly be holding out hope that it is. Kendrick Lamar recently released his latest album, DAMN., which set the record for the highest selling opening week for an album release in 2017. Skrillex was also just credited as a co-producer for Incubus’s recent album release, 8which shows us the producer is open to new ventures outside of the electronic. Our eyes and ears will be open for future rumblings of the collaboration. In the meantime, our hopes remain high.

H/T: r/Skrillex

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