Slushii transforms into ‘Slushmello’ at Something WonderfulMarshmello Slushii

Slushii transforms into ‘Slushmello’ at Something Wonderful

Julian Scanlan has risen to semi-relevance under his future bass & dubstep amalgamation project known as Slushii. The producer’s rise in popularity has been largely aided  by his close relationship with his “Twinbow” collaborator, Marshmello. Over the weekend at Dallas-Ft. Worth’s Something Wonderful festival, Scanlan took his relationship with the”anonymous” candy-puff to another level. After what one can assume is a deadmau5-inspired use of Microsoft Windows audio samples, Scanlan ducks below the DJ table.

As he stoops behind his booth, Facebook viewers can witness in this video the agonizing moments as the artist struggles to shove his head into a white plastic apparatus, all while an 8-bit melody builds to the sample: “Slushii has evolved into… Slushmello!” Scanlan then rises to reveal his new costume to his audience with hand in the air, as he drops into his remix of “Alone.”

It’s unclear whether or not Slushii will continue this helmet gimmick in future shows. For the time being, fans can observe either the first (or, perhaps, the only) “Slushmello” evolution below:

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