Stream Autograf’s Coachella 2017 setAutograf

Stream Autograf’s Coachella 2017 set

Autograf emerged on the streets of Chicago in 2013 in an innovative, creative way – much like the style of music they have become known for. The three guys took chalkboard cutouts of animals and placed them around the city, hoping tourists, festival goers and Chicagoans would chalk them up with art, inspiration and fuel for the fire that would become Autograf. “It’s about leaving your mark on the world,” they said of the project, “It’s about leaving your Autograf.”

Fast forward 4 years and we have a trio who have successful hits such as “Rockabye” feat. Sean Paul, and “Dream.” The trio is set to play Coachella today, April 15, with their stream running from 5:45-6:35 PM PST on the channel below.



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