Uber breaks banks at CoachellaUber

Uber breaks banks at Coachella

Uber proved to be a convenient, if not so accommodating, after the final weekend of this year’s Coachella. This year the company partnered with the festival, setting up an official “Uber Lounge” for riders to be dropped off and picked up from within the festival. Though the lounge area was meant to create an smooth, accessible area for attendees to be driven, it was reported by LA Weekly that the spot resembled more of the floor within a stock exchange than a pick-up site.

Not only were the grounds chaotic, but the surcharge put in place by Uber was out of this world. The minimum charge reported was a whopping $175 for riders to get to their digs outside the festival grounds. One rider, Elene Perry, reported that she was charged $250 for her ride home.

Via: LA Weekly

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