Watch the Chainsmokers’ imperfect SNL performance [Video]The Chainsmokers New Profile Avatar

Watch the Chainsmokers’ imperfect SNL performance [Video]

In a display of at least bravery, The Chainsmokers used their debut SNL performance to perform a pop punk crossover track from their recently released album Memories… Do Not Open. Though the track was among the least loved from their debut album, the duo make every effort to bring energy to the performance with plenty of live instrumentation, some bouncy dance moves, and even a carefully executed – but still totally punk rock – vocal solo from atop the kick drum.

Watch the Chainsmokers’ imperfect SNL performance [Video]Gifit 1491756459788

Unsurprisingly, the producers led the night with their lead album single “Paris,” featuring a cameo from uncredited vocalist Emily Warren. Though the Platinum-certified track was the clear choice for this prime slot,  the performance unfortunately seemed to suffer from some mixing issues and the impromptu addition of dissonant synth elements which, at times, drowned out the melody and lyrics. While critics may harangue the duo for their flaws, The Chainsmokers have likely only endeared themselves further with their seriously devoted fan base.

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