ATLiens’ ‘Alchemy’ is an immersive journey through outer space

Fresh off the release of a massive collaboration with Bassnectar—out on OWSLA in late March—the ATLiens have begun to amass an impressive underground bass music following with their dark, broken beat electronic sound. Just as their name suggests, the Atlanta-based duo have been steadily building their incognito image with an extraterrestrial allure. Their most recent release, “Alchemy,” which premiered May 11th, 2017 on Run The Trap, is one such eerie, low-end bass tune that builds on this precise iconography.

Clocking in at only 2:30, “Alchemy” is wonderfully complex in its sound design — a well mastered mosaic of robotic synths, clashing 808s, distorted vocals, and nuclear sub bass lines that calls on the amorphous style of Bassnectar himself. The track simply refuses to conform to any sort of stable genre stamp, existing somewhere between edgy trap ballad and psychedelic bass anthem along the bass music spectrum, packed with a ragga-jungle flavor.

Add to this convoluted aesthetic the accompanying music video and the song takes on a whole new other-worldly story with its eye-catching visuals that are dark and foreboding, yet strangely alluring. “Alchemy” is downright weird, immersive, and utterly appealing. ATLiens have encapsulated in sound the kind of weird that will leave you lost on another planet, gliding along its low frequency sin waves, never wanting to return to earth.

Watch the music video below, and grab the free download here.

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