Campaign launched to counter Melbourne police crackdown on drugsDrug Dogs

Campaign launched to counter Melbourne police crackdown on drugs

Melbourne police have been cracking down on drug and alcohol misuse¬†with a heavier police presence aimed to increase community safety. The mission is named “Operation Safe Night” and has been targeting Australian entertainment venues and clubs. The campaign consists of uniformed and undercover officers, along with drug dogs, attempting to catch people in the acts of selling or doing drugs.

On April 20, those opposed to Operation Safe Night launched their own campaign, “High Alert.”

High Alert gives clubbers real-time access to sniffer dog locations, sort of like the Waze app for nightlife. High Alert also provides information on legal rights and drug and alcohol support.

Their Facebook page details the mission:

“Police are going to be conducting nightclub raids across Melbourne until August 2017. In one weekend, police laid 20 charges, interviewed 129 people, and checked 172 cars. High Alert is an independent, harm-reduction campaign providing legal information, support, and referrals. Through our website, Facebook page, night club flyers, and a ‘High Alert’ hotline we will provide factual and accessible legal information for people who may encounter the police when they’re out.”

Those interested in High Alert’s mission can like¬†their Facebook page for alerts and more information as the campaign continues its mission.

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