Decibel festival will be making its comeback in LADecibel Festival

Decibel festival will be making its comeback in LA

Summer of 2016 brought along the grim news that Decibel, Seattle’s underground festival jewel, would not be returning the following year due to owner Sean Horton taking up a new position at Red Bull in Los Angeles. Its “extended break” has turned out to be quite the opposite, however — Horton is currently in the midst of planning for its return.

Decibel’s revival will take now move and take place in Los Angeles. The move hardly comes as a surprise, as Horton can now juggle his new responsibilities with organizing the festival. Furthermore, he had told the press just a couple years ago that, “Los Angeles’ vibrant and diverse electronic music community has been more than welcoming and receptive to the idea of Decibel,” and that he felt confident he’d be able to replicate it there.

He mirrored the sentiment in a recent statement to The Stranger: “With many of our key partners and a plethora of talent here, Los Angeles was always an obvious fit for Decibel to call a second home outside of Seattle.” Unfortunately, no plans seem to be in play for another Seattle Decibel alongside the newly-formed LA one.

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