Eats Everything on his recent Dirtybird EP and the rise of Edible Records [Interview]Eats Everything

Eats Everything on his recent Dirtybird EP and the rise of Edible Records [Interview]

Feeding the insatiable hunger of dance music fans worldwide for the past seven years, Eats Everything has become synonymous with hard, hypnotic house music. Real name Dan Pearce, Eats has become a sizable personality and creative force within the underground.

With his latest EP for DirtybirdClash of The Tight-Uns, Pearce delivers two abnormally entertaining tracks, “Song For” and “War Rhythm,” both co-produced by rising artist Lord Leopard. Dancing Astronaut recently sat down with Pearce to discuss how the EP came about, his origins with Dirtybird, and what’s in store for the future.

Pearce was born in Bristol, a town that over the last three decades has been deeply influential in providing a dark and rich foundation for underground electronic music. Massive Attack‘s “Unfinished Symphony” (1991), for instance, is an unmistakable example of what’s become known as the “Bristol Sound,” which combines both joy and melancholy in a tasteful blend of soul, funk, and hip hop. The brooding influence of his hometown seeps into many of Eats Everything tracks such as “The Gettup,” “Veronica Electronica,” and his remix of Green Velvent’s iconic “Flash.”

Eats Everything on his recent Dirtybird EP and the rise of Edible Records [Interview]Eats Everything Press

Pearce created Edible Records with fellow Bristolian and former NRK lead Nick Harris in 2015, and has since featured notable releases from Melé, Waze & Odyssey, Emanuel Satie, and Paul Woolford. Pearce admits, that despite meeting Harris late in his career, he’s “a massive fan of NRK and all other things Nick has been involved in, so it’s been amazing to create a label together.”

Their partnership has brought fans a series of unique events traversing the globe, from a boat party at Croatia’s Hideout Festival to a late night set at San Francisco’s Halcyon. Pearce, when asked about the future of his Edible Records’ Showcase, indicates no intention of slowing down: “we’ve just announced a really exciting date in Barcelona during Sonar where I’m doing a huge b2b2b with Richy Ahmed and Patrick so that’s going to be wicked!” Given his participation in and organization of intimate events like this, it’s no wonder Pearce has played such a critical role in perhaps the hottest, slow-cooked, char-broiled events in California, brought on by Dirtybird Records.

In 2011, Pearce joined the quickly rising Dirtybird team, lead by the valiant Claude Vonstroke. Pearce’s enamor for the label began before he joined the team: “Dirtybird has always been my dream label,” he says, “so whilst I was building my career I sent them them a lot of demos.” Even before he released his Eat Everything EP, his first record on the label, he was already on their radar. “It was actually ‘Entrance Song’ that caught Claude VonStroke’s attention,” Pearce says, “but Voitek from Catz ’N Dogz got there before him.”

After his self-titled EP, he went on to release another album and a number of solo releases with Dirtybird. Claude Vonstroke and Eats Everything have maintained a close relationship since — even as Eats has moved away from Dirtybrd. “Throughout my career, he has always given me valuable advice and pushed me creatively,” Peace says.

Eats Everything on his recent Dirtybird EP and the rise of Edible Records [Interview]Eats Everything Press 2

Behind the booth, Pearce is remarkable. Years of professional experience have led to countless back-to-back sets with Claude Vonstroke, Justin Martin, Nic Fanciulli, Jackmaster, and Eric Prydz, and many others. “Going b2b2b with your favorite DJs is always going to be an enjoyable experience,” Pearce says when asked how these complicated ballets of beat-matching pan out. “You don’t really decide who plays what, you follow each other’s lead and just see where you end up really” he says. There’s a beautiful chaos in performances like this. In a recent b2b2b set with Nic Fanciulli and Jackmaster, for instance, Pearce says the chemistry couldn’t have been better, and “Jackmaster and Nic Fanciulli really know how to throw a party and get the crowd going so it’s always really fun playing with them.”

Next up for the forceful house music producer is a handful of North America tour dates this month, including Vancouver, Calgary, Denver, Montreal, Toronto and Las Vegas as part of Dirtybird’s roaming BBQ series. Dirtybird’s distinct experiences began in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, providing the West Coast further exposure to house music and techno. As Dirtybird grew in popularity, these events have expanded considerably. This year’s Vegas iteration will feature Eats Everything, Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, Shiba San, Ciszak, and Dateless.

In a recent interview for Mixmag with Claude Vonstroke, Pearce claims, “at the end of the day, we don’t do this job to be serious.” Eats Everything’s concoctions are utterly devoid of seriousness, consistently throwing the listener into a bizarre trance of levity and vitality. Here’s to hoping Dan Pearce continues to embrace the weird under his beloved guise of Eats Everything for years to come.

Listen to Eats Everything’s Clash of The Tight-Uns EP below.

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