Fyre Festival lawyers threaten patrons for live-tweeting the calamityFyre Dancingastronaut

Fyre Festival lawyers threaten patrons for live-tweeting the calamity

As the Fyre Festival saga continues to unfold, lawyers hired by the event are now threatening festival-goers with legal action for live-tweeting their experiences on the ground.

It has been reported that organizers have already dispatched a letter of cease and desist to an individual who has expressed their grievances on Twitter, and that their complaints stating “communications on the island were non-existent and there was nothing but disaster relief tents that were on the verge of blowing over” are simply untrue and can potentially “incite violence, rioting, or civil unrest.”

In an attempt to salvage the festival’s reputation, attorneys have reached out to the fan in question, promising that “Fyre Festival will hold you accountable and responsible” if someone innocent does get hurt as a result of the tweets not being taken down.

H/T: Stereogum

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