Get a taste of deadmau5’s techno alter-ego, TESTPILOTDeadmau5 Stoge

Get a taste of deadmau5’s techno alter-ego, TESTPILOT

It’s no secret that deadmau5 has a keen ear for impeccable techno. Throughout his career, Joel Zimmerman has consistently proven that his musical tastes are as sharp as his musical talents – particularly so in the past year through his BBC Radio 1 Residency mixes. Suffice it to say, the Canadian artist has had his pulse on the scene long before it was “cool” to do so.

This weekend, deadmau5 will bring his penchant for the genre to the forefront in a louder fashion than ever before with his headlining set at Detroit’s Movement Festival. On Sunday, May 28, Zimmerman will don his techno-driven TESTPILOT alter-ego for the first time since his legendary b2b with Richie Hawtin at South by Southwest in 2013.

There isn’t a precedent to help predict the form that the momentous performance will take, as this weekend will be the largest TESTPILOT set in history. However, in a series of twitch streams yesterday, May 24, deadmau5 gave followers a glimpse into his alias’ mind through what appears to be a TESTPILOT warmup mix.

Filmed from Zimmerman’s studio, the “set” obviously lacks the pomp and frills of a festival main stage, but it does offer viewers a sense of the musical catalogue whence he will likely draw his selections. Among the standout tracks played in the videos are “Roar” from the legendary Patrice Bäumel, “Waterfall” from Phantasy Records favorite Rrose, and TESTPILOT’s own “Headroom.” Notably, deadmau5 also includes Fur Coat’s atmospherically dark “Odisea,” instilling hope that he may give a nod to Shall Ocin’s deeply menacing remix of the track during  his impending performance.

It’s apparent from these streams Movement attendees are soon to be treated to an unprecedented performance – one which the rest of the techno community is sure to envy for years to come.

Tickets to Movement are still available here.

H/T: Reddit (r/deadmau5)

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