Gorgon City and Eptic remix Dillon Francis’ ‘Say Less’Say Less

Gorgon City and Eptic remix Dillon Francis’ ‘Say Less’

Earlier this year, Dillon Francis put his words into action with the release of his first track “Say Less,” on his label IDGAFOS. The track had a revved up energy that was synonymous with the robust presence Francis brings. Rapper G-Eazy was featured on the track and, with his smooth and versatile tone layered on top of Francis’ bouncy and bass-heavy sound, the track was wildly successful.

Gorgon City and Eptic have now taken the track into their own hands, saying a lot more with “Say Less.” Gorgon City, the exuberant house duo, took what Francis and G-Eazy created and managed to make the track’s cooler, sleeker older brother. Dragging the original three minute song into a taunting six minute masterpiece, Gorgon City removed most of the vocals, replacing the trap tone with a steady backbeat, snares and claps. Meanwhile, Eptic took a different turn at the fork in the road, giving “Say Less” a heavy and hard hitting dubstep explosive remix. Channeling into the dark depths of grime, Eptic managed to fulfill every headbanger’s needs with epic buildups, dirty drops, and bits of vocal samples from G-Eazy.

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