Hundred Waters deliver surprise ‘Currency’ EP as FORM Arcosanti commencesHundred Waters 2017 Press Photo

Hundred Waters deliver surprise ‘Currency’ EP as FORM Arcosanti commences

Hundred Waters have resurfaced just ahead of their FORM Arcosanti gathering’s fourth installment with an unexpected new EP titled Currency. The Florida-founded OWSLA troupe, joined by vocalist and housemate Moses Sumney this year, have been hard at work curating their anti-festival art consortium. Now, just ahead of the event’s kickoff, the group has delivered a new five-track collection prefacing their third studio album due later this fall. Led earlier this week by “Particle,” the band proctored a new single that suggested an invigorating reemergence, a theme reinforced across Currency’s following four pieces.

Hundred Waters have always maintained an intimate dynamic which plays a deeply personal role in their creative output. However, the group’s shifting kinetics are evident and obvious in their new music. From the uplifting arrangements and brilliantly vulnerable vocal work in “Jewel In My Hands,” to the ambient, downtempo whispers of “Everywhere,” Currency tows an interesting divide between raw and refined. Listen to Hundred Waters’ new EP here and follow Dancing Astronaut’s experience at FORM this weekend.

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