Listen to 3LAU’s Remix of Katy Perry and Migos’ ‘Bon Appetit’3LAU

Listen to 3LAU’s Remix of Katy Perry and Migos’ ‘Bon Appetit’

Versatile producer 3LAU is as well known for his originals as he is his remixes, and today he released a brand new remix of Katy Perry’s hit “Bon Appetit” featuring Migos that is sure to gain a lot of traction. The remix is a first look into 3LAU’s style shift to a deeper house feel, which the producer asserts he will further expose through his upcoming releases. His take on “Bon Appetit” is transformative, but it retains the catchy appeal of the original track.

3LAU’s remix of Perry’s hit is also a milestone for the artist, who tweeted that just six years ago, he was remixing Perry’s music in his dorm. From “Is It Love” to his remix of Ariana Grande’s “Into You,” it seems as if everything 3LAU has touched in the past year has turned to gold, and his take on “Bon Appetit” is sure to be as well.

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