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London squatters threw a rave in a 17th century mansion

It all started at midnight on Saturday, May 20.

“Horrifically loud” music began seeping out of a 300-year-old mansion in northeastern London Borough Hackney — and didn’t stop for a full 12 hours.

The rowdy party consisted of a group of squatters who gathered at 195 Mare Street around midnight and continued their party ’til well after the sun came up. Neighbors reported not being able to get a wink of sleep and said that the music was “horrific.”

Nearby resident Ruth Dawson told the Evening Standard that it sounded like “someone is sawing metal,” going on to say she wouldn’t have minded as much if it was half-decent music. Area residents had called the police multiple times but were told it was a matter for the Hackney Council to handle.

A Hackney Council spokesperson said they had received a number of calls about noise disturbance at 195 Mare Street.

“When our enforcement officers contacted residents later on in the night, they were told that the noise had died down. Our enforcement officers will be visiting the property tonight to check for any further disturbance.”

On Sunday morning, neighbors said there were still around 10 people on the roof, and 20 more in front of the building. One person reported that the music was “hilariously loud,” and the DJ had been “going through The Prodigy back catalog since about midnight.”

Residential squatting was criminalized in 2012, but the law doesn’t apply to commercial buildings like the 300-year-old mansion.

Photo courtesy of South West News Service

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