Neon Tiger – M.Y.M.D.M (Original Mix)Neon Tiger

Neon Tiger – M.Y.M.D.M (Original Mix)

The 1980s have collided with modern electro on Neon Tiger’s official debut offering, “M.Y.M.D.M.” Neon Tiger, a new indie-electronic hybrid project from Australian DJ and producer Maarcos, takes the sounds of past eras and infuses them with modern technology, creating new sounds with a familiar feel. Neon Tiger’s first release is a patchwork of sonic inspirations, setting an intriguing and enticing tone for Maarcos’ new moniker.

Roping in disco elements, funk, electro house, and progressive house themes, “M.Y.M.D.M” is the first of three new releases we can expect from the newly-minted Neon Tiger alias, and if the quality of future releases are comparable to “M.Y.M.D.M,” first impression, then this is definitely an emerging new project to keep on your radar.

Listen to the Spotify debut of “M.Y.M.D.M” below:

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