New York plans to elect a Night Mayor to govern nightlife in the cityNyc

New York plans to elect a Night Mayor to govern nightlife in the city

In an effort to regulate nightlife and after-hours activities, New York City has proposed a plan to elect a Night Mayor. Following suit of other nightlife meccas such as Amsterdam, Paris, and London, the cities councilman Rafael Espinal introduced the bill alongside the plan of action. If passed, New York City would elect an entire division of government officials whose sole purpose would be to protect and sort out nightlife affairs. This sub-sector would be lead by the proclaimed Night Mayor, and act as the primary liaison between the estimated $10 billion dollar nightlife industry and City Hall.

The council and mayor would be a voice in an empty territory, acting as the primary crusader for DIY art spaces and warehouses. Beyond that, the Mayor would be responsible for enforcing safety regulations and ensuring proper use of the spaces is underway. City officials have offered no further comments on the matter thus far, but given the success overseas, this implementation could only better the cultural, artistic and nightlife scenes within city limits.

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