NYC police officially prohibited from breaking up loud partiesNightclub

NYC police officially prohibited from breaking up loud parties

Exciting news for New Yorkers who like to throw casual weekly ragers: the NYC police have been given a mandate that forbids them from entering any house party without consent. Based on a lawsuit that claims police officers forcibly enter homes leading to excessive damages and lawsuits against city, cops are now unable to enter a household without a warrant.

The most recent version of the NYPD Patrol Guide states that cops are allowed to forcibly enter private properties and clubs if the patrons have ignored warnings about bringing the noise down. The guide clarifies that “the decision to forcibly enter into private or semi-private premises to correct noise complaints will ONLY be made by a precinct commander/duty captain and ONLY as a last resort, after requests to stop the noise have been ignored.” It remains to be seen how this new directive will mesh with the current Patrol Guide’s statutes.

While some worry about the outcome of this newly enforced law and the negative consequences that may ensue, fans of the ‘city that never sleeps’ lifestyle are given ample opportunities for endless 4am after-parties and after-hours clubs.

Via: Mixmag, NY Post

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