Obama Foundation releases new Chicago-inspired Spotify playlistObama Hometown Playlist

Obama Foundation releases new Chicago-inspired Spotify playlist

The President of Playlists hasn’t left office just yet.

At the end of April, the Obama Foundation released a playlist of Chicago-inspired songs on Spotify. The playlist contains everything from Kanye West to Frank Sinatra, with tracks submitted by a variety of influencers from musician Chance the Rapper to political strategist Peter Giangreco to actor Nick Offerman.

While in office, President Obama was known for his keen taste in music, and it’s something he hasn’t let dwindle since leaving the presidency in January. When Spotify offered him a position as “President of Playlists,” Obama declined and began to work on a new project. He founded the Obama Foundation with his wife Michelle to “carry on the great, unfinished project of renewal and global progress,” according to the foundation’s website.

Part of this mission, much to the delight of fans of Obama’s playlists, includes a continuation of the playlist-curating. “We asked you to share songs that remind you of home and inspire you to be involved in your communities,” the compilation description states. “From India to Indiana, you delivered. Our first batch features Chicago, but over the next few weeks, we’ll add more and more songs that remind you of your hometown.”

To submit a track for an upcoming playlist, click here.

To see who submitted each track and why, click here.

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