Pharrell and Kaytranada hint at collaborationPharell Kaytranada

Pharrell and Kaytranada hint at collaboration

Pharrell‘s Beats 1 Radio show, OTHERtone, brought on a special guest for its May 10 episode. Kaytranada was the man of the hour and spent time chatting up the singer and songwriter. For those unfamiliar, Kaytranada has been moving mountains in the music industry as of late, working closely with one of raps hottest flames, Kendrick Lamar, on his monumental DAMN. album, and Nick Murphy [Chet Faker].

Pharrell and Kaytranada discussed music and the business, which led to Pharrell suggesting the two work together on a new project. The project would focus mainly on the Haitian roots from which Kaytranada stems from. The proposal took Kaytranada by surprise, given his inhibited response, but he recouped by saying the project would “work well.”

H/T: MixMag

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