Stream Quix’s powerful debut EP, ‘Heaps Cool’812339025933

Stream Quix’s powerful debut EP, ‘Heaps Cool’

For the past two years, New Zealand native and up-and-coming experimental electronic music producer Quix has been working tirelessly to release Heaps Cool, his first full-length EP. Debuting on Dim Mak Records, the release pushes the boundaries of trap, bass, and experimental electronic music.

“[It’s] a great reflection of my progress as a producer; getting inspiration and support from other artists,” Quix told Billboard. After recently relocating from New Zealand, Quix admits he’s not privy to the Kiwi lexicon, but because those in the US like it, he chose to name his debut album using New Zealand-Australian slang.

“Each track on Heaps Cool has a story,” Quix said recently, and it feels as if each story works itself into the greater legend that is the album. From the micro-level synthesis, to the macro-level album motifs, everything seems to work together on this record. Each track on the EP feels as if they belong together. From repetitive arpeggios built with soft plucked sounds to metallic filters, synths, and samples, these motifs tie the record together as a contemporary symphony of innovative synthesis and bass music mastery.

Quix begins his EP with melodic assembly of tropical pluck sounds, reminiscent of Mura Masa, accompanied by brilliant female vocals in “Four Letter Lie.” The first bass drop of this track provides listeners with an initial example of the metallic percussion used to form melody. Impressively, the producer scrambled to make the track within a week to meet a deadline.

The second track, “Alpaca,” features hip hop vocals from XO Man reminiscent of Foreign Beggars, and a minimal metallic synth over a bouncy bass drop. While both the first and second tracks have twangy, high pitched sounds in them, the percussion from “Four Letter Lie” and synths from “Alpaca” differ quite drastically in their execution, and Quix avoids sounding stale when producing similar sounds.

“Riot Call” with vocals by Nevve follows, and was released as a single back in April. Nevve’s intoxicating vocals on the track provided a tantalizing teaser for this EP a little over a month ago. A bit more caustic and antagonistic track than the others,”Lucy’s Place” features high-pitched twangy, metallic synths resonating with other tracks on the EP, despite its increased aggression.

As a break from broken-beats, “Deep Home (Hold Up)” starts with a melodic arp, then drops into a deep four to the floor rhythm that contrasts well with the beginning of the track. “Sweet Thing” inches along as a slowed down end to Quix’s premiere EP, and features metallic vocal filters and complementary synths for an unsettling finish. Each sound on every track feels daring and new, and also plays into the greater work of the EP on the whole. This works so well here due to an intrepid creativity and mastery of sonic construction by Quix.

Listen to Heaps Cool below:

H/T: Billboard

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