Remember Chris Cornell with the only official Soundgarden remix everChris Cornell

Remember Chris Cornell with the only official Soundgarden remix ever

Chris Cornell’s impact on the 90s rock boom is undeniable, and his passing has left many nostalgic music fans shocked at a life cut too short at only 52. Throughout his career, Cornell’s world-class vocal range put him at the top of the heap of wailing frontmen and his time spent with Soundgarden inspired and paved the way for many of today’s modern rock vocalists.

Cornell’s relationship with modern music, specifically EDM, has always been met with malaise. He even famously stated back in 2014 that a rock revival was well on its way thanks to the sterile soullessness of the EDM boom. Strangely enough, despite his apprehensions about the genre, Cornell and Soundgarden enlisted Steve Aoki to remix one of their biggest hits, 1994’s “Spoonman” off the band’s breakout album ‘Superunknown’ a little over 9 months ago. The remix is the first and only official rework of Soundgarden’s rich catalog of hits and does well to bring the iconic single into a more modern light.

As of writing, Cornell’s death has been speculated a suicide. But his life has always been ravaged by drug abuse, admitting to Rolling Stone back in 1994 that he was a user by the age of 13. Regardless of the cause, the music industry has lost a true pioneer and talent that will be deeply and sorely missed.

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