Richie Hawtin reveals the inspiration behind his new CLOSE showRichie Hawtin

Richie Hawtin reveals the inspiration behind his new CLOSE show

Never one to rest on his laurels, Richie Hawtin launched his ambitious new live show CLOSE at Coachella last month.
Beyond his new untethered production, Hawtin revealed that he believes that DJing has become much easier than it ever was, and that audiences tend to have a stronger connection with live music. The desire to move audiences with this live connection inspired Hawtin to develop his CLOSE show. The legendary producer also owns up to playing a part in the distillation of DJing, as he played a part in developing Final Scratch, one of the earliest digital mixing programs.

Richie Hawtin further explains during a recent interview with inthemix:

“People understand what’s going on with live music…they understand the hitting of a drum makes a certain sound, and they feel connected. Electronic music has always had a hard time making that connection – even for the pure dancers who are quite happy, as I am too, to close their eyes and just lose themselves on the dancefloor…I’m doing so much up there beyond what most people think a DJ does these days, which is pressing start on a CDJ”

While pushing the boundaries of live music, Richie Hawtin’s “CLOSE — Spontaneity & Synchronicity,” helps disprove critics who simply declare DJ’s as glorified “button-pushers.” It also makes for a legendary performance that fans would not want to miss.

Via: inthemix

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