Shigeto launches new label, releases PGS-001PGS001

Shigeto launches new label, releases PGS-001

Detroit-based tastemaker and beat aficionado Shigeto has announced the launch of his new record label, Portage Garage Sounds.

Operating out of Hamtramck, Detroit’s city within the city, Shigeto (a.k.a. Zachary Saginaw) and his brother Benjamin have released the first installment of the Portage Garage Sounds series, PGS-001. Available on 12″ vinyl, the release consists of a new Shigeto track, titled “Detroit Part II,” and an alternate “I-94” mix. The tracks are equally jazzy and danceable, showcasing the versatile style which Saginaw’s fans know and love.

This announcement from the Saginaw brothers comes after years of throwing parties, curating events, and touring in New York, Detroit, Ann Arbor, and more. While a record label may not have always been the end goal, they say that “[their] passion, parties and fun unintentionally transformed into something greater–meaningful work.”

The “Detroit Part II” record is available on the Portage Garage Sounds bandcamp, along with other PGS merchandise.

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