Slow Shiver – Set in StoneUnnamed 17

Slow Shiver – Set in Stone

There’s a certain tenderness to Slow Shiver’s music that is all-but lacking in today’s modern electronic music landscape. It’s the kind of emotional authenticity that harkens to be revisited over and over. Slow Shiver’s latest original, “Set In Stone,” is a prime example of this. The song is a poignant breakup ballad beaming with candid lyricism and lush melodic development.

In regards to the feeling behind the song, Slow Shiver states: “There’s this blisteringly surreal moment when you realize that your former lover, who you still feel close to, might be acting in self-preservation and keeping you within reach while they rebuild their lives. It’s as if a veil is lifted and you see them in this oddly cruel light, and it simply hurts in an unfamiliar way.”

“Set In Stone” follows Slow Shiver’s previous single, “In Blue (Drive By Delivery,” an equally emotionally intelligent offering, which even received an official music video directed by Paul Boyd.