The Upbeats – Grasshopper (Original Mix)Grasshopper Upbeats

The Upbeats – Grasshopper (Original Mix)

The Upbeats have lent their production prowess to quite a few projects in 2017, notably including Noisia’s Outer Edges remix album and their own De-Evolution Part 3. Now, the duo has continued its stream with a formidable new neurofunk single, “Grasshopper.”

The style, which the duo has perfected over the entire De-Evolution series, is as uncompromising as it is interesting. The track has little to differentiate from traditional Upbeats-inspired DnB, making it an instant hit among The Upbeats’ faithful fan following.

The sinister intro features disembodied voices and a typically flawless bass line, which ultimately evolve into a ferocious tune, as the song builds up into an avalanche of beats and sawing synth. Overall, “Grasshopper” is an exceptional studio output which is sure to blow up within the DnB community.

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