ZHU teases something big with mysterious new videoZHU

ZHU teases something big with mysterious new video

The cryptic and elusive ZHU released a teaser video today on Facebook that is sure to rile his supporters up. Since his emergence in 2014 with the renowned hit,”Faded,” ZHU’s fanbase has been hooked and his star has been on the rise. The Chinese-American producer gained national recognition from the start because, for the first year of his career, he remained masked and anonymous, asking those who listened to his music to listen to the music alone and to not focus on who was behind the production. With two EP’s, Genesis Series and The Nightday, and a full-length studio album, Generationwhyunder his belt, many are wondering what’s in store next.

ZHU teased on Facebook with a video simply titled, “everythingisblack.” Stylistically, ZHU’s sound is very black and white, mysterious and sexy. The video features a faceless man, or woman, sawing mannequins in a warehouse setting. While this could this be the beginning of a new album, perhaps titled “everythingisblack,” a snippet of a short film series, or maybe it’s the beginning pieces of a music video — likely for a track rumored to be called “Intoxicate.” All that is certain is that ZHU is up to something, only one piece of which we know for sure: he revealed the date of the first installment of the Blacklizt warehouse parties in NYC, June 24.

Update: The following presale link has since been posted to a Blacklizt Facebook group where tickets to the New York event are available for purchase using the code: everythingisblack. 

Presale for the New York Blacklizt show is available here.

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