ZHU resurrects a mannequin in the dark music video for ‘Intoxicate’Zhu Intoicate

ZHU resurrects a mannequin in the dark music video for ‘Intoxicate’


Last Friday, May 5, ZHU released “Intoxicate,” an ominous new single surrounding the cryptic lead-up to his Blacklizt event, which is set to premiere in New York this June. Prior to the release, ZHU had teased the track with a debut at Ultra Music Festival, and again in early May through an esoteric video.

The film, which saw a single hand twitch to life amid a pile of mannequins, teased the song’s forthcoming music video which shows a black and white scene of a mannequin coming to life. Directed by 23-year-old Miles Joris-Peyrafitte—the youngest director to debut a film at Sundance—the video aims to capture the essence of ZHU’s Blacklizt through its unsettling, film noir essence.

Joris-Peyraffite says the following of working on the project:

“It was such a pleasure working with Zhu. From the beginning, he was totally open and collaborative. We talked about Lynch and other filmmakers Zhu felt inspired by (as did I), and given the location he already knew he wanted to shoot in, we began throwing ideas together. The rest of the process was basically like that. He’s incredibly creative and really intelligent so working with him and his team was a great pleasure.”

Tickets for ZHU’s Blacklizt are available here.

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