Birocratic – Hackseysack (Original Mix)Biroboy

Birocratic – Hackseysack (Original Mix)

Brooklyn by-way-of-New-Jersey producer Birocratic returns with an energetic new original “Hackeysack.” Released as part of the Caramel Drizzle compilation from Sundae Sauuce—a charity driven platform based in the borough—”Hackeysack” matches the producer’s established style while hinting at intriguing directions for the future.

As expected, the track is funky beyond reason. Where in the past, Birocratic might opt for more of a backbeat, “Hackeysack” leans forward, adding some serious energy without being pushy. Most enticingly, while samples make up the backbone of the production, the producer has been steadily adding more and more synthesized elements into his output, helping to establish a pleasant fusion of the two styles.

In the end, it all comes together for a breezy, ebullient original; perfect for the summer.

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