Blasterjaxx display their mastery of ‘festival sound’ with ‘Do or Die’Files Festival Blasterja

Blasterjaxx display their mastery of ‘festival sound’ with ‘Do or Die’

Continuing their strong run of releases in 2017, Blasterjaxx have just dropped a “festival edition” of their recent XX Files EP. In their new release, the duo revise the original EP – which dabbles in much deeper, bass oriented music – to become suited for large, open venues and powerful sound systems capable of doing the music justice.

“Do or Die” is a song from the release which deserves special mention for its well-composed reflection of what Blasterjaxx stands for – infectious energy.  What instantly sets the song apart from the others on the EP is the way in which it manages to deliver a substantial amount of bass without going overboard. Every element of the track also has a distinctly invigorating effect; its lyrics, its fever-pitch tempo of the bridge, and its ultimate bass drop all help to ensure that “Do or Die” will become a main-stage staple during the festival season.

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