Borgore releases bombastic playlist ahead of EDC [Exclusive]Boregore123

Borgore releases bombastic playlist ahead of EDC [Exclusive]

Famous not only for his bodacious trap-anthems but also his booty-fiending antics, Borgore has prepared for EDC weekend by releasing a hard-hitting bass playlist, giving those who are unable to make it to Las Vegas a taste of his upcoming set.

Playing EDC’s powerful bassPOD stage on the Friday night, Borgore finds ways to incorporate bounce into his signature trap-style shown by some of his largest tracks to date, like his collaborations “Wild Out” with Waka Flocka Flame, and “Forbes” with G-Eazy. Twisting away from his roots as the ‘Daddy’ of the #BootyforBorgore fandom, the Israeli producer constructed this playlist with the image of every headbanger in mind.

Stacked with explosive riddim, dubstep and trap anthems including Bloodthinnerz “Biohazard”, and Blankface’s “Shockwave”, it’s no surprise that Borgore will be catering towards the headbangers and rail riders of EDC.

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